I am not unaware of the strife currently absconding with the hearts of humanity. Nor do I fail to see the fear of our elected bodies’ behaviors. You do not need to tell me of the people immersed in wars and falling victim to violence. I feel this in the very air buffeting my hair as I look across the valley. I know we all have stories traumatic and sad. Continue to attach to them at your own peril.

I choose to spend my precious time and energy stoking the fires of the imaginations of the willing. I choose to see all beings with love and compassion.

I worship the seed of greatness we all hide deep in our chest. I keep a feather always handy to tickle and tease this seed out into the light.

I am breathing in the expansive heart connections of all of my loved ones, all over the world.

With every moment, with every breath, love.


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