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A Smaller Footprint


This year so far has been about downsizing.

First, even before I knew we would move I decided to shut down my art studio and devote my time to my music. I had a series of one on one art classes where 9 different people came into my studio at different times and used my stuff to make an assemblage. I found it fascinating to witness so many different processes and was honored to assist with the nuts and bolts of it. Afterwards I sold boxes and boxes of parts on donation to artists around town. It was fun to go to first Friday and see parts I had for years tucked into someone else’s creation.

Two months later when the moving to Denver conversation started I looked around our 2400 square feet home and started having sales. By the end of August half of what we had was now someplace else.

I arrived in Denver a month ago and have spent days and days wandering and driving the neighborhoods. This very large city is a huge change from our 20,000 peopled town of Ashland. There are many different neighborhoods here and a great public transportation system. There are 8 different arts districts, amazing museums and parks everywhere.

Denver is the West. The mountains are a force, standing sentinel along the horizon. I think majestic is the right term for them. And then there is the SUN. Denver is called the Mile High city. To me, sensitive from years in the Sonoran Desert, this sun feels so much closer and hotter and brighter. Sunglasses are a must.

Yesterday we decided on an apartment. We choose a 910 square foot with south facing balcony on the 7th and top floor of a co-op building in the Cheesman neighborhood just east of Capitol Hill. The Botanical garden is two blocks away and all of our daily needs are walking and bicycle distance away. The balcony runs the length of the space and has a view to ease our city shock.

I think there will be more stuff to give away as we move in.



David and I thought we would like to be in a walkable neighborhood, in an apartment with a view.