A Love note to Mom

November 21, 2020

Cave Creek Canyon, Southeast corner of Arizona

Ritual for my Mom

My mom died here in our home in Tucson on 8 /20/ 2020 at 8am.

Part of my grieving process is making art, doing ritual, remembering.

This weekend David and I traveled down to southern Arizona where we stayed in a remarkable place and did 4 different hikes.

I brought some personal items of Mom’s and gathered some other items from nature to assemble into a reliquary to leave in this beautiful place for the natural world to incorporate into its daily life.

 An ephemeral love note for mom.

A metal butterfly with an Indian head penny, both from her collection

Some of her ashes wrapped in the last piece of the homemade paper David and I made from the cards and flowers we received after Bianca died.

Three silk roses, for Moms 3 children.

Some Lichen and an Autumn sycamore leaf, mom always loved the fall leafs. I sent them to her for years when I lived in places where we had them.

2 pine cones, Douglas fir and Ponderosa.

A key to her house and a Kennedy 50 cent piece, all wired together in a very old, very fine wire.

In the afternoon, we found a place off the beaten path to the east of two massive monolith cliffs covered in lime green lichen. Worn down from ancient volcanos, now their geology explained as Cave Creek Rhyolite, Silver peak Dacite and Horseshoe canyon tuff.

I hung the piece on a Sycamore tree which was embracing a Juniper.

We said goodbye yet again.

I think this last parent of mine will require many more goodbyes.


15 responses to “A Love note to Mom

  1. Jacquelene Ambrose

    Oh honey, how beautiful. Touches deeply. Yes, this will require many more goodbyes. Xoxoxo

  2. So beautiful. Thank you. I love you.

    On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 8:10 AM Cantrella’s Missive wrote:

    > cantrella posted: ” November 21, 2020 Cave Creek Canyon, Southeast corner > of Arizona Ritual for my Mom My mom died here in our home in Tucson on 8 > /20/ 2020 at 8am. Part of my grieving process is making art, doing ritual, > remembering. This weekend David a” >

  3. Hello dearest, friend. Blessings to you for sharing a sacred, personal, creative ritual. It moved me to respond. Will send it to you when I am done. Love to you, David and all your loved ones. Elin β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›β€οΈ

  4. Lovely tribute!

  5. Pamela Hyde-Nakai

    This is very sweet and profound. Would love to talk about your journey. Maybe later today or tomorrow. I need to get an herbal care package to my brother in Illinois who is dealing with the virus.

    Much love Pamela

  6. Darling love, this is so beautiful and so very YOU. I think about you often, think about your journey…it’s a long slow rocky path with many steep climbs and beautiful vistas along the way. May you find peace at the difficult turns and solace in the process. I love you so much. Missing you especially now. At this time offamily and orphan gatherings. Wrapping you in a warm embrace. XooooKaren

  7. Sis, these pictures reach down to the well of my being. The images rock me and bring me back to a center that only our desert can. As I stare out at my amazing yet dreary frozen fall panorama, I can see around the corner to the bright sunshine of the brisk sunrise sky island vistas… our country. I took the time yesterday to lose myself in a deep box of photos of all of us. I wept at our togetherness and kissed the smiles on our faces, love and peace, ceferino.

  8. Reading this, I remember and retrace my walking with you and David on Mt. Lemon. Walking, honoring Bianca, her candle having blown itself out. All of us gathering in Love and Grief, moving through the trees. Sometimes the things that are ephemeral have ties stronger than steel. Love transcends and connects us beyond the veil. One day a leaf will drop upon your shoulder, slide through your hair, touch your heart and ride away on the wind. A mother’s kiss in recognition of the long goodby and infinite caring that you placed among the sycamores and junipers.

  9. Inspiration in so many forms…these moments, tethered deep in our hearts, take courage and intention. Thank you for sharing your intimate walk forward Cantrell…you are inspiring mine. XOXOX Diane

  10. Philippe Pfeiffer

    sincere touching beauty
    love you both

  11. Shery Christopher

    Cantrella, such a beautiful tribute to your Mom and the gifts to nature for her and her passing, simply put, the truest of connections to her in the spirit world. Thank you for sharing. See you soon. Blessings, Shery

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