Dear friends and family

The longest night of the year has passed and the New Year is close.


I write to let you know that by the end February David and I will be on the west coast.

David has been offered a job in Emeryville, California.


We are packing, downsizing yet again. Neither of us had ever thought of living in California, yet when we asked for the Highest and Best for the both of us, this is what came up.

A big plus is being so close to my sweet sister, and some very dear friends.

So here we go off on our next adventure. To the BIG city.


May your year be filled with light and love


Cantrell and David

11 responses to “Shift

  1. Sounds wonderful! Wishing both of you the best in your new home.

  2. best to you, you marvelous nomads!

  3. Woo Hoo! next adventure!

  4. Dear Cantrell, It sounds right! Tell David congrats on the new direction! Alot of us will be glad you are closer! All the best in your transition month and finding balance. XOXODiane

  5. Doug & Ronda Chance

    Wonderful access to the arts in the bay area, good move!

  6. Yea!! I am so glad you found where/what’s next. I can’t wait to visit you both xox

  7. Wonderful wonderful and the move to Denver can be considered training wheels.
    All wonderful and good being sent your way!

  8. Hey Traveling Girl. The west coast! Well now, the new adventure awaits. Bright Blessings and Big Love always.

  9. Exciting; hope to see you there sometime;
    Deo Volente together with Fabian;
    Wouldn’t that be nice.
    Big hugs,

  10. The best dir bith oft you. May yhus new adventure bring new good people in your life and lost if sunshine (guaranteed)
    Happy new year

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