And look there’s more

skirt of tears

skirt of tears

My last writing was about a full moon ceremony the strongest piece being the letting go of my final bit of Bianca’s ashes. Over the last month Bianca has been showing up over and over again. My friend Jeff B said “She is telling you it was good to let go “

A week after my story my friend in the Netherlands who was like a father to Bianca, still had some of her ashes and decided it was a good time to let them go. He and his two sons took then to the river, broke the ice and said farewell with love.

The second day I was in Ashland I bought a sweater. When I looked at the label it said AquaBianca.

The third day in Ashland I went to a studio opening and saw some quirky skirt things. I was drawn to one with a lime green ruffle, one of Bianca’s favorite colors. When I looked closer I realized it was materials I had donated to a young women I did not personally know. In the center of the piece was a part of a scarf I have had since I was a teenager, Then Bianca owned it, then I gave it away. Only to now have it back with tears of joy.

When I was telling my mom about this she said, “Well she has showed up here also” Turns out my Moms partner has a new heart doc named Bianca. And the same day my Husband said since it is Bianca month I just found her ancestral chart in my things.

Yesterday I was sharing this story with my sister in law Sharon as we were creating a batch of body butter. As I poured in the last of my Young living oil essence called Peace and Calming, I mentioned that this was my main grief essence and how much it had helped me over the years. She smiled and said “well now you need no longer grieve.
I know it is not so simple, but the end of the world as we knew it has happened and now is as good a time as ever to change my perception.
With love

13 responses to “And look there’s more

  1. I love it!
    So touching, so encouraging.
    Onward Cantrell… and upward!

  2. Thank you for sharing your sorrow and your rich process of being anew. You touch me deeply.

  3. You are helping to color the world with peace, love and joy. Thank you!

  4. Cantrell, I love seeing your hands…. holding the skirt that mysteriously brought those things full circle to you…

  5. so much sweetness and light in there!

  6. My dear Cantrell, Your courage of heart, so huge so deep, so delicate.
    I love you, Always, Joetta

  7. Shery Christopher

    Absolutely beautiful Cantrell. Your sense of timing and connection to spirit are so very clear. Much love and light, Shery

  8. I’m glad the pieces are fitting together for your peace and healing. Your sharing helps others, inspiring compassion, connection. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being. Thank you for being part of our web. Sending love. Susan

  9. Jennifer Harris

    Thank you, Cantrell, so beautiful to read how Bianca’s spirit is connecting with you. She loves the joy you felt in re-finding the scarf you shared. That’s precious!
    I love you, dear friend,

  10. thanks for sharing that Cantrell. so very moving. xoxox Connie

  11. Philippe Pfeiffer

    although silent
    I’m still here
    with big big warmth
    for you, the magic
    and your loved ones

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