I was called to do a grounding ceremony on the full moon at Cherry Creek Lake. This is the lake that welcomed me with amazing views when I first arrived in the Denver area. I found a place on the shore as far into the water as I could be, with a hoard of neighboring birds.
I lit a candle from Chartres and another from my altar. I forgot a writing implement so I used burnt matches to write on Jas paper, thoughts of releasing and intentions for shift and clarity. I dug a small hole in the wet sand and burned the papers. I added the last of Bianca’s ashes there.
I poured waters from Glastonbury to join the divine feminine here, as a way of grounding in this place at the foot of powerful mountains.
All the while I ate an apple.
The whole time I sat there, a solo Canadian goose was watching. Looking and getting closer and stopping and looking.
When I left this goose came and sniffed around my spot and ate the apple pieces I placed over the buried ashes thanking her for being my witness.

5 responses to “Grounding

  1. Very moving Cantrell. Hope Denver become home to you.

  2. Thank you for recording your ceremony here. . . It serves as an inspiration to me and a reminder of their value.


  3. Thank you for letting me witness your beautiful ceremony! I like your new blog presentation and will look forward to your posts! Thoughtful, care filled ceremony. Wise.

  4. It was very moving to me and for you. I hope you’re happier now. I had sensed a problem and I worried.

  5. Jennifer Harris

    I love picturing your ceremony, Cantrell, and as Chris says above- thanks for sharing it as a reminder of the value of ceremonies, The Canadian goose was at one with you. A gift. As I sat in my park recently, writing to my sister, a ladybird settled on my sleeve for the whole time. They know. “Everything is a present.”

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