on the road

I have always loved driving distances. When I was a kid my family would go on Sunday drives, explorations of small places down dirt roads or up winding roads into mountains.
On September 9th I said goodbye to our home of 7 years, every room and every plant in the garden. One of the rose bushes had a small bloom on it. It was the same rose which is in Paris France at the Louve. I took it with me smiling at the timing. One week later I would be in Paris.
My route took me through southern Oregon on highway 66 going east until I got to 140 south. This stretch of road could be called forsaken and I have heard stories from others not inclined to drive it again. I love it. The vistas are stark with horizons into forever. There used to be places with water, a stranded boat rests tilted in a dry cracked bed of silt. The drive takes me up and levels out and again up and again. History in layers of color only the high desert gives away. When I finally come into a city it is Winnemucca Nevada. There is Basque food here and I eat my fill.
The next day is the drive through the Great Salt Lake, through the city, up over a pass where autumn is getting fancy and into Wyoming. There is a smell about it, this long expanse of old lost ocean. Somehow a highway always just above miles of dark colored water edged with white and the reflection all around.
Driving through Wyoming I come over a rise early on a morning and there are giant windmills. There are miles and miles of sage getting ready for winter with herds of antelope doing the same. The mountains come at me slowly fading in and out, always just around the bend. Here the colors are rare soft muted and lovely.
Outside of Laramie, I choose to go a back road into Fort Collins. I have a reason for this, not only is it a wonderful drive through ranches and mountains but it is going to take me to a place where I visited just before deciding to move to Ashland Oregon. Shambala Mountain is the home of the largest Tibetan Stupa in the US. I sang there years ago with a group led by Silvia Nakach. It was a wonder. So, as a way to complete my Ashland Journey I visit and place the Paris rose in the altar for White Tara, the goddess of compassion who led me to Ashland.
My latest drive has taken me to my new home of Denver Colorado.

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